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Schubert's Bakery
49 North Broad Street
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About Us

The shop at 49 North Broad Street has had a proud tradition of satisfying and delighting its customers for more than 70 years. The general store opened up by Mabel Nicholas began this little shopís long history of sweet delights for its shoppers. Children walking to and from the Whitfield School located just across the street would stop and sample the many varieties of penny candy sold in Mrs. Nicholasí glass display case.

The sweet tradition continued in 1956 when Frank and Louise Pensenbeck purchased the building and opened Pensenbeck Bakery. It was this bakery which began the legendary Moravian Sugar Cake tradition for which Schubertís Bakery today is still famous. Along with the sugar cake, the Pensenbecks delighted their customers with all variety sweet treats such as doughnuts and pastries, until selling the bakery to Ernest and MaryAnn Schubert in 1973.

At long last, the little shop became known as ďSchubertís Bakery,Ē as it is still known to this day. Expanding the small baking facilities to include more ovens and work benches, the Schubertís capacity grew in 1973 under Ernie and MaryAnn Schubertís management. For 35 years, the Schuberts tantalized their customers with old standbys like the famous Moravian Sugar Cake, Tomato Pie and Sticky Buns as well as a variety of delicious pastries, cookies, doughnuts, cakes and pies. In 2008, after a long career, Mr. Schubert handed down his treasure trove of recipes to current owner and baker, Stephen Riccelli.

Steve has brought his enthusiasm and ingenuity to the establishment to maintain the high quality that Schubertís customers expect and surprise them with new, delicious treats that truly make Schubertís Bakery ďThe Sweetest Spot in Nazareth.Ē
Daily Specials for Saturday, Mar 16
Easter's right around the corner! Make sure you get your orders in!

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Fri, Apr 12 @ 3:45pm
The bakery will be closed from April 6th to the 15th. VACATION!!! :)


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